Benefits of Learning English for a Criminal Justice Career

There are a number of careers within the Criminal Justice realm where you have to know the English language. A district attorney that ends up prosecuting cases in front of a jury must impress people. If a district attorney does not impress a jury, especially with their command of basic English then guilty people are certainly going to go free, A prosecutor has the goal of keeping criminals off of the street, If a jury thinks the prosecutor gets tongue tied, or mispronounces words, then an entire case can fall a part. A county should seek to hire a district attorney that has a commanding presence in a court room. If you want to learn more about criminal justice careers, check out CJ Career HQ.

Prison Guard

A prison guard must have a good command of the English language. The benefits of learning english for a criminal justice career can be obvious when you are dealing with prisoners. Prisoners will make fun of a prison guard that does not understand the English language very well. You need to be able to know what is going on as a prison guard, you do not want to be fooled or tricked into anything by a prisoner because you do not have a good understanding of English. A prison guard must have a good understanding of the language in order to decipher different messages that prisoners may try to send to each other, or people on the outside.


A prison counselor must have an extremely good understanding of English. A counselor should be able to calm prisoners down. You have to be able to reason with people, let them know that their situation can improve. A counselor can also play a role in making sure prisoners have the job skills that they need. A prisoner has to be able to show the ability to mature, so they can survive out in society. A counselor can play a large role in a parole hearing where prisoners need a counselor’s approval in order to be paroled in most cases. The opinion of a counselor can make a big difference, they would have a good idea whether someone truly wants to become a productive citizen.

Forensic Scientist

A forensic scientist is going to use a lot of complex terms in order to be able to solve cases. The best forensic scientists are going to know exactly how valuable certain pieces of evidence are, and which pieces of evidence they should take the time to discard. The forensic scientists out there that care the most about their job are going to take the necessary time to study a case. The cause of death and time of death can certainly come into play, particularly in a criminal case. People that show a ton of leadership are going to have great command of the English language. You often need to have command of a core language if you want to master a detailed science like Chemistry.


Communication can be important in almost any career, You do need to be able to give quick, accurate answers when you are working within the realm of Criminal Justice.

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